What Does Hail Damage Look Like and Should it be Repaired?

What is hail?

Hail is a form of precipitation of solid ice, either in lumps or balls, that falls from the sky during thunderstorms mainly. Having ice fall from the sky onto your belongings doesn’t sound great, but the additional roofing problems created from hail damage can become catastrophic to the health of your home. Because of this, hail damage and hail damage repair are integral to the health of not only your roof, but your entire home.

What does hail damage look like?

Hail damage can be very obvious from above, with large enough pieces leaving giant dents on the roofing material, but how can you tell from the ground?
Generally, hail damage can be spotted from the ground by examining other common outdoor items for dents/dings and marks, such as:
A/C Units

You can also call a local roofing contractor to examine the roof and provide hail damage repairs. AG Contractors is available in the Arvada, CO area and many others to examine hail damaged roofs for free.

Is hail damage serious?

While these dents and dings can be very small and hard to spot, they can cause major problems especially for the roof of the home. Many of these problems can be slow killers and your hail damaged roof should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent further roofing problems.

Dings and dents caused by hail in the roof can cause major roofing problems and by extension, cause further damage to your home. These dings open your roof to the elements with the sun, wind, and rain becoming problems for your roof. Leaks caused by rain can cause even greater damage by way of introducing mold, causing electrical problems, and damaging the structural integrity of your ceilings and walls.

Should my hail damaged roof be repaired?

Because of the problems listed above, hail damaged roofs should be repaired as soon as possible. For your hail damage repairs, you should select the most experienced roofing contractors in Arvada, CO or your local area to ensure the safety of your home. AG Contractors has years of experience repairing hail damaged roofs and can handle any roofing problem given to them.

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