Commercial Silicone Coating Roof Contractors

Before and After

Roofs break down over time due to time and the materials used on your current roof. When roofs start to break down due to weather and time, they can be expensive to replace and repairs only allow you to buy you little time before a full replacement is needed. Property owners always thought they only had a couple of choices when it came to roofing. Now property owners have a better solution for roof repair, Silicone Coating.

Silicone Coating is a solvent free, 100% silicone coating that can be applied to any style of roof. Whether your roof is flat or sloped, large or small, a silicone roof is a high quality solution for a weathered, leaky roof.  Silicone coating is rolled onto your roof as a liquid to help repair leaks, cracks, blisters and seams. Silicone coating also allows you to extend the life of your functional roof by repairing, so you do not have to pay for tear down and installation of a brand new roof. 

A Silicone coating can be applied to any existing roof to create a durable barrier that is sealed to protect against pooling water, UV light, and severe weather like hail. 

There are many other benefits to a silicone coating including: 

  • 50 year warranty with up to a 20 year labor warranty. 
  • Xcel rebate (our local utility)
  • Less expensive – no tear off required
  • Will not soften, bubble or break down under permanent pooling water 
  • Energy efficient by decreasing energy consumption by 35%

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