5 Gorgeous Home Remodeling Inspiration Ideas for Summer

There’s nothing more exciting than the planning process of remodeling your home. New flooring, paint colors, wallpaper styles, roofing, gutters, and everything else fill your Google Search history. Remodeling your home not only improves your day to day life, but also helps increase your return on investment if and when you decide to sell. AG Contractors of Arvada offers superior products and services, helping you bring all of your interior remodeling and exterior remodeling needs to life.

Let’s take a look at these 5 gorgeous exterior and interior home remodelings ideas for this summer.

1. Kitchen Remodeling

Summer is the time to have the neighbors over, grilling burgers and displaying fruit and cheese trays in an open, welcoming kitchen. Take the opportunity to remodel your kitchen, and get the new, fresh feel you’ve been wanting in your home. Get inspired by the outside greenery, and don’t shy away from bringing those colors and materials inside the home, to give it a rustic, warm feeling. AG Contractors can help you with all your interior remodeling and kitchen remodeling needs, to give you your perfect summer kitchen.

2. Basement Remodeling

Another great spot to renovate is your basement, especially if you have kids or like to host. Add a home gym, game room, bar, or cozy movie room. During the summer, you’ll need a place that you can escape to, by yourself or with friends. Renovate this interior and make it the heart of your home. The experts at AG Contractors will help you finish a beautiful interior remodeling and basement remodeling project for the summer.

3. Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are a huge part of our everyday lives. We shower, get ready, do our hair, brush our teeth and everything else. In the summer, it’s important to have a bathroom that you feel free, fresh and clean in. Remodel your bathroom for the summer, not only to enjoy a modern bathroom, but to also increase your return on investment if you decide to sell your home. The experts at AG Contractors will help you complete a beautiful bathroom remodeling project and any other interior remodeling projects for the summer.

4. Exterior Remodeling

When it comes to remodeling, many times windows, gutters, siding, roofs and doors are neglected. But, they are arguably the most important parts of your home. They not only affect curb appeal, but help maintain the integrity of your home, making sure your experience living inside of it is nothing short of perfect. Add wide, large and bright windows into your home, and experience the breeze and luminescence of the summer sky. Get doors that give your guests a very warm welcome. And don’t forget siding that adds your personality into the exterior of your home. AG Contractors will help you with all exterior remodelings, including all roofing and hail damage repair, gutter and gutter repair, siding, windows and doors.

5. Exterior Additions

Last, but definitely not least, we have exterior additions. Exterior additions are one of the most exciting and household-changing remodeling projects you can complete. Summer is a time for gathering and, with exterior additions, you’ll have the perfect space to invite friends over and enjoy your summer days. Add a covered patio, extra room, or even an outdoor fireplace. Contact the experts at AG Contractors in Arvada to help you help your dream exterior addition come true.

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